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Reader Views review Nov 2023
Six Aspects of Being Vanessa Rochelle 

Independently Published (2023)

 ISBN: 978-1739025908 

Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Reader Views (11/2023)

 5*- Understand yourself in a brand new way.

"Six Aspects of Being: How to Connect with Your Inner Being and Human Aspects to Discover Purpose, Peace, and Happiness" by Vanessa Rochelle offers a holistic approach to addressing wounds and healing. If you've ever felt that you'd like more out of your life or are spinning your wheels, this self-help guide can give you the foundation and guidance you need. Whether the issue is physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, spiritual, or heart-centered, this book helps you understand and grapple with life's biggest issues, which can sometimes have you spinning your wheels. 

 The focus on physical health is a key point the author makes because if your body feels sick or isn't in optimal condition, you won't be able to have the strength and stamina you need to meet life's challenges. Nutrition, exercise, and looking both inward and outward for possible spiritual guidance can all contribute to your physical and mental health.

 Rochelle delves into the spiritual nature of healing in a way that’s easy to understand, especially in the area of awakenings and inner journeys. Some wonder if they have a purpose, or what that purpose is, and this guide deftly leads you through what could be a confusing or discouraging time. I love how the author uses her expertise in bringing these issues to light for the reader. The enthusiasm and knowledge shine in each chapter. She knew deep down that traditional medicine was lacking in a complete approach to healing, which ideally should encompass all aspects of a person's being: mind, body, and spirit. 

The author shares her own experiences, especially of spiritual awakenings, and I think this will help the reading audience understand these concepts. This book is all about finding the real you and embracing it. She encourages you to take an honest look inside yourself, because unless you do, you may find yourself still stuck. Approaches like The Law of Attraction and Manifesting are also covered, and there are exercises, charts, diagrams, and worksheets to get you to reflect and challenge yourself. 

The main takeaway for me is that the power of self-healing can be an integral part of your overall wellness plan. The parts about your inner child are especially good to read about. If you have been looking for a comprehensive approach to improving all aspects of your health, "Six Aspects of Being: How to Connect with Your Inner Being and Human Aspects to Discover Purpose, Peace, and Happiness" by Vanessa Rochelle should be at the top of your reading list."

"Six Aspects of Being" by Vanessa Rochelle is a transformative and insightful guide that explores the multifaceted nature of human existence and provides practical tools for connecting with one's inner being. Rochelle's book offers readers a path towards discovering their purpose, finding inner peace, and cultivating happiness. 

 One of the strengths of this book is its comprehensive approach. Rochelle examines six key aspects of being: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and creative. By exploring these interconnected dimensions, she guides readers to develop a holistic understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Each aspect is explored in depth, offering practical exercises, reflective questions, and actionable steps to enhance personal growth.

 Rochelle's writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts relatable and understandable. She seamlessly combines personal anecdotes, wisdom from various spiritual traditions, and scientific insights to support her teachings. This blend of knowledge creates a well-rounded and compelling narrative that resonates with readers. 

 The practical tools and exercises provided throughout the book are a highlight. Rochelle offers readers a range of techniques, such as mindfulness practices, journaling prompts, and visualization exercises, to deepen their self-awareness and foster personal growth. These tools empower readers to actively engage with the material and integrate the teachings into their daily lives. 

 Another noteworthy aspect of "Six Aspects of Being" is the emphasis on interconnectedness and the importance of cultivating healthy relationships. Rochelle explores how our social connections and interactions impact our well-being, and she provides guidance on how to foster meaningful and supportive relationships. This recognition of our interdependence adds depth to the book and reinforces the notion that personal growth and fulfillment are intimately tied to our connections with others. 

 While the book covers a wide range of topics, some readers may find that certain aspects receive more attention than others, which could result in an imbalance in the depth of exploration. However, this can also be seen as an opportunity for readers to focus on the aspects that resonate most with their personal journey. 

 In conclusion, "Six Aspects of Being: How to Connect with Inner Being and Human Aspects to Discover Purpose, Peace, and Happiness" by Vanessa Rochelle is an illuminating and practical guide for personal growth and self-discovery. Rochelle's holistic approach, practical tools, and insightful teachings provide readers with a roadmap to connect with their inner being and cultivate a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Whether readers are new to personal development or seeking to deepen their understanding, this book offers valuable guidance and inspiration.”
‘I really enjoyed reading 'Six Aspects of Being'. I really took my time with and tried to soak the information in, and it really is a deep book with a lot of practical and spiritual insights.

This book shines brightly in its comprehensive approach, skillfully orchestrated by the author, which delves into six fundamental facets of existence: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and creative. By seamlessly weaving together these interconnected dimensions, she masterfully guides readers on a journey of self-discovery, fostering a holistic understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

 I would also like to mention I found the writing style very accessible, Many books that tackle this type of subject use a hard to follow language, but this one is really easy to read. 

The exploration of each aspect is profound, offering a wealth of practical exercises, reflective questions, and actionable steps that empower personal growth. Rochelle's writing style is both engaging and approachable, rendering complex concepts relatable and easily grasped. She skillfully blends personal anecdotes, wisdom drawn from diverse spiritual traditions, and scientific insights, forming a well-rounded and captivating narrative that deeply resonates with readers. This unique amalgamation of knowledge not only enlightens but also inspires readers to embrace positive transformations in their lives.”
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“This book is a good resource that can help you to create the life you truly desire. The author shares her own eye-opening journey of self-discovery and offers a holistic approach to healing. Through self-reflection and activities, readers can identify and remove inner blocks, connect with their inner being, and discover purpose, peace, and happiness.”
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“Creative journaling journey while packed with so much value and knowledge. A book any human can include in their healing journey. Highly recommend for anyone. It’s basic without lacking substance, allowing anyone struggling to easy follow along and not get discouraged.”
"I found this really lovely. It was easy to understand and as I read, things clicked into place. Especially as I was seeing a therapist when I started this book. How to think a little different in order to gain a little more control in what is happening."
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"Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advanced copy of "Six Aspects of Being: How to Connect with Inner Being and Human Aspects to Discover Purpose, Peace, and Happiness" by Vanessa Rochelle. All opinions are my own. This book explores humanity and a holistic approach to self healing and self reflection. I found it very helpful and easy to follow. I would recommend."
- Lucy D., NetGalley Reviewer