Acceptance of the Ego
Acceptance of the Ego

I have witnessed the denial and disgust of the ego, like it was an unsightly and unmanageable wart. But the thing is, there is nothing to get rid of, to control or to conquer. We were designed this way.  Your inner Being purposely incarnated into human form to experience the human aspects that we shun, such as the ego.

We have all seen and/or experienced an ego gone awry. It is a monstrous, yet marvelous display of antics. Maybe, just maybe, that is what your soul desired to experience. Perhaps it wanted to experience the ridiculousness of a flamboyant and over inflated ego. Because if your soul wanted to bathe in constant love and light, it never would have stepped foot into a human body in the first place. 

After my spiritual awakenings, I became acutely aware of imbalances that I had accumulated over a lifetime. As my heart opened, I became aware of the contrast of my ego.

We tend to label contrast as bad. We inherently do not want contrast. However, the ego has an important role in our existence on Earth. The ego does what it is intended to do. It creates an illusionary separate “me” experience.

There is no need to reject the ego while in human form.  As we move higher and higher in consciousness, there is a natural letting go and release of self-judgment of our human aspects. There is an acceptance of all that is. With acceptance comes a gravitational pull to the heart that requires no fight against the ego.

Embrace all of your humanness-the light and the shadow, the ego and the heart.

The blending and Integration of both your human aspects including the ego and inner Being is where peace and balance are found. In order to heal, transform, and evolve, it is imperative to accept all of yourself as you are right in this moment.


I accept all of me, just as I am.

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