Rest, Reflect, and Recharge
Rest, Reflect, and Recharge

I’m 49, soon to be 50. I’m bumbling along like everyone else. We don’t get a how to manual for life handed to us. We learn as we go. We do the best we can.  We gain insights from experience-the greatest teacher. 

    In my soon to be published book I talk about the importance of self care and what that actually looks like at a deeper level, beyond the surface things like having a bubble bath. Don't get me wrong. A bubble bath is a great way to relax and unwind. It's just that self care is more than a one off. It's an everyday practice. It's not something you squeeze in when you can. Self care is a priority.

In my book I use the acronym CARE to convey four main points of self care.

It took me a few lessons in life to recognize I wasn’t giving myself the self care I needed. After my awakenings in 2015 I wasn’t able to keep up with the demands I had put on myself.  My awakenings were gifted to me by divine design so I would turn inward. You can only chase ambition from a place a lack and wounding for so long until you burn yourself out. 

Today, I spend more time resting, reflecting, and recharging. In 2021 reduced my workload. I reduced my workload for my health and wellbeing and to balance my energy. I’m blessed to have a simple yet rich life full of purpose, peace, and happiness. 


  1. Do you always say yes to please others?
  2. Are you always on the go?
  3. Do you prioritize time to rest, reflect, and recharge?