The journey to self

is a solo one.

“Waking up to yourself is different for everyone. It is as unique as a fingerprint. An awakening is an individualized experience based on your inner Being’s plan, purpose and mission. It is your blueprint for your personal growth and evolution. Waking up to your own consciousness is a rebirth. It is messy. It is gritty. Just like the birth of a child, a rebirth is the most painful yet beautiful gift for the evolution of humans.”

- An excerpt from Vanessa Rochelle's self-help/motivational book. Six Aspects of Being

about me

Vanessa Rochelle is a frontline licensed healthcare provider. For nearly two decades she has been supporting individual, groups and communities in the areas of disease prevention, health promotion and community development.


A registered dietitian by profession, Vanessa’s career as a health promoter within Western medicine includes diverse roles as facilitator, educator, counsellor, connector, coordinator, mentor, planner and policy maker. She has provided support to thousands of people across the lifespan on an array of health and wellness topics.


Vanessa is a past community builder, activist, city councillor and guest columnist for an urban newspaper. She now thrives in simplicity. In her spare time she enjoys all things that supports her wellbeing such as spending time with her spouse Kevin and three grown children, relaxation, yoga, nature, hiking, travel, and farmer’s markets. 




Hello! Welcome to my website. Perhaps you are seeking information on health and wellness. You may be looking for direction on personal growth and self- improvement. You might be curious about your newfound awareness of yourself and the world. Or you could have stumbled upon my website by chance. However you arrived, you came to the right place.
It may not seem like it on the surface but it’s an extraordinary time to be alive. We are witnessing and experiencing a great awakening. Humanity is evolving. This energetic transition and rebirth may be difficult on your body. There may be changes or upheaval in your life. You may be having profound spiritual experiences. I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Embrace your humanness. Be light-hearted about your fumbles and follies. We are all learning as we go. Breathe. I wish you well on your journey of life!
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